NYC's Wine Bar

Wine Bar_Title

The perfect shade of red is hard to come by. I'm personally attracted to the deep, vampy reds-- they are perfect for any occasion and are my go-to colors when I'm in need of a quick manicure. While I was at my local CVS Pharmacy to fill a prescription, I came across a bottle of this gorgeous, merlot-colored (as my wine-connoisseur friend would say) red polish, ironically named Wine Bar, from NYC New York Color:

Wine Bar 1

It took about three coats to get this solid look, but at $0.97, totally worth it. And the best part about this red polish is that there was no staining of the nails upon removal.

Wine Bar 2
Wine Bar 3
Wine Bar 4

I sealed in the color with a single coat of INM Out The Door top coat, and the manicure lasted for a week until I began to see some wear. This has definitely become one of my favorite red polishes in my collection! 

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