Hello, 2015.


We made it through 2014! Although some like to make their New Year's resolutions right off the bat, I like to develop my resolutions throughout the year as I gain more personal and professional experiences. I would, however, like to look back on the past year and celebrate all that I'm grateful to have accomplished within this past year:

Rebranded the blog.

Formerly a nail art and pre-professional blog inspired by my college years, This Jenn Girl graduated to a versatile lifestyle blog shortly after I began my career path post-graduation. I gained the ability to write about a variety of topics I wasn't comfortable with before, and implemented my love for food onto the blog as well. I couldn't be happier with where it is today, and I'm thankful for your support along the way!

Embraced change.

Until 2014, I really disliked the thought of change. But early in the year, I learned to embrace the unknown and trust that, sometimes, things really do happen for a reason. I also learned to maintain a positive outlook through rough times and to trust my instincts, always.

Grew professionally.

I remember feeling self-conscious at the beginning of the year at my workplace, questioning whether or not I was an asset to the company as an employee. Throughout the year, I grew so much in my position, eventually also contributing my skills in writing and public relations to my job. By the conclusion of 2014, I honestly felt like I was an important team member and that was a feeling like no other.

Overcame insecurity.

Believe it or not, bullying still happens—even after high school and college. Although it's a shame, I personally don't regret the experience. I learned to remain calm and not retaliate, and most importantly, I learned to stand my ground and believe in my ethics and in myself.


Happy 2015! I'm wishing you a year filled with only the best.

There is still so much to learn and so many experiences to grow from, both personally and professionally. I welcome 2015 with open arms, along with all the crazy encounters and memories that will come along with it.