Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels with Boardwalk Food Co.

Since I last wrote about Sarasota-based Boardwalk Food Co., they've released a new line of Pretzel Mixes in conjunction with their yummy beer bread mixes. I got the opportunity to make Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels this past weekend, and I'm pretty much a pro pretzel maker now - Auntie Anne's, watch out.

I opted to blend the mix with six ounces of Angry Orchard's Cinnful Apple, as I figured the spicy, sweet notes of the cider would complement the cinnamon-y nature of the Pretzel Mix. The rest of the pretzel-making process was pretty easy, although a little on the messy side. 

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I chose to mold my pretzel dough into both bite-sized pieces as well as the traditional pretzel shape. Before baking, the pretzels have to be dipped into a simmering pot of baking soda water for about 10 seconds. Then, bake at 425 degrees for seven minutes, rotate the baking sheet and bake for another five minutes. After removing the pretzels from the over, simply brush with butter and season with cinnamon sugar.

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It's really that easy. Surprisingly enough, considering the minimal amount of ingredients, the pretzels tasted absolutely delicious. I kept dipping my pretzel bites into a ramekin filled with cinnamon sugar - so good!

Boardwalk Food Co.'s Pretzel Mixes come in Original, Cinnamon Sugar and Rosemary Sea Salt and the variety of pretzels you can make with your choices of craft, domestic or imported beers are endless. To buy online or see the locations that carry Boardwalk Food Co. mixes, click here.

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by Boardwalk Food Co. for feature/review. Opinions expressed here are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Boardwalk Food Co.