Weekend Eats

My family and I always love to go all out when it comes to throwing parties - my mom's birthday was this weekend, and we celebrated in style with a homemade sushi party. The best part is, of course, the eating. The not-so-best part? The cleaning!

Mom's shrimp & papaya salad - my favorite!

Krab salad: Shredded imitation krab over a bed of sliced cucumbers, topped with avocado slices and ponzu sauce.

Krab rangoons: Shredded imitation krab blended with cream cheese & chopped veggies, wrapped in wonton wrappers & deep fried.

Shrimp salad: Chopped shrimp blended with scallions & spicy mayo.

Sliced salmon & tuna sashimi, served over a bed of daikon & sliced cucumbers.

Our favorite brand of seasoned seaweed - so good!

Steamed edamame sauteed with minced garlic & a special soy sauce blend.

Beef yukke: Chopped rare filet mignon mixed with kimchee spices, served atop a bed of alfalfa sprouts.

Cucumber kimchee.

Miso soup with soft tofu & watercress.

Spicy salmon.

The full spread!