Olive You

Top: J. Crew | Jeans: H&M | Beanie: Satin-Lined Cap | Boots: Rampage (similar)

Another favorite color of mine this season is olive green - I love how well these shades pair with blacks, browns and neutrals! Fall weather is finally beginning to make its presence known here in Florida and the air is actually starting to feel dry - a stark contrast to our usual humid weather. On these days when my hair needs to retain its moisture, my go-to accessory is my olive green Satin-Lined Cap.

This comfortable and stylish satin beanie is designed to keep your hair nourished and protected from harsh weather conditions. Pro tip: If you're lounging around the house all day, after your morning shower, twist wet hair into a bun and wear the cap over it all day - you'll produce silky smooth waves that will last throughout the next day when you're actually out and about!