Giving Thanks

I really love this time of year - it gives us the opportunity to reflect on and realize the things we are so grateful for. Although I try my hardest to always keep these appreciative thoughts in mind, it's always nice to get to the holidays and have those reminders before the year ends. I'm very grateful to have been able to spend Thanksgiving with my entire family again this year, and am thankful for our good health, the roof over our heads and the good food we were able to enjoy.

This Jenn Girl - Giving Thanks 1

In addition to me sharing what I'm thankful for this year, I also want to highlight my blogger girlfriends in the lifestyle community and the things they are giving thanks for - I've been blessed with the opportunity to connect with these ladies this year!

I’m most thankful for my beau, who has been my confidant and partner-in-crime throughout all of the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced this year. I’m so grateful to have someone in my life who proactively pushes me to be the best that I can be, who has helped me celebrate the successes and has been my support system through the struggles. This Jenn Girl wouldn’t be where it is without his enthusiasm and encouragement, and I’m so glad to have him as a partner on this little venture.

This Jenn Girl - Giving Thanks 2

This Jenn Girl - Petite MODERN

"I am so beyond blessed to have an amazing family back home in Florida whom I love and who love me very much. My "family" here in VA who are so unbelievably caring and love me as their own! I am thankful for best friends, the little ones and the ones who are always by my side. I am also thankful for my other half and my favorite team-mate, B! I couldn't even begin to express how thankful I am for all of you and all of the memories and all of the joy you bring into my life!" - Jordan, Petite MODERN

This Jenn Girl - A Daydream Love

 "I have so many things to be thankful for-my husband, family, friends, health and this year specifically I'm so grateful for the opportunity to cultivate and create a way to share inspiration through my fashion blog and for those who chose to read and support me on my journey!" - Rechael, A Daydream Love

This Jenn Girl - Sara Magnolia

"This year I'm thankful for my health, the support of my friends and family, all the opportunities I've been afforded this year such as graduating from college and starting a job in my career field, my two special pups, and my loving boyfriend who I celebrated four years with this year." - Sara, Sara Magnolia

This Jenn Girl - Janna Doan

"This year I'm thankful for the simple things in life--A hug, a smile, laughter, meaningful conversations, a listening ear, a thoughtful gesture, fresh flowers, a cup of coffee. These are simple things that bring so much joy and happiness to my life." - Janna, Janna Doan

This Jenn Girl - All Things Recessionista

"I am so thankful for a God who plans out my every step. I am also extremely thankful for a husband who is patient with me when I try to control those plans. Lastly, I am thankful for friends and family who support and encourage me!" - Shauna, All Things Recessionista

This Jenn Girl - Hair, Heels, and Highlights

"2015 has been such an incredible year. There's so many things to be grateful for. Above all, I'm grateful to God for his grace, mercy and all that he does for me every day. I am also grateful for my family, my friends who are like family, my talented new blogger friends, my job and a roof over my head. Lastly, I am so grateful for the delicious food I ate for Thanksgiving dinner." - Eneida, Hair, Heels, & Highlights

I truly hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones as well! Enjoy the remainder of your holiday weekend, and cheers to all of the leftover pie!