Chanse's Chef's Table: Get Ready!

In anticipation of the next Chanse's Chef's Table event happening next weekend, I wanted to finally take the time to share the photos from our October event, and get my Tampa folks excited about this special tasting we have coming up!

In October, we had a light six-course meal featuring seasonal ingredients like fresh oysters, organic quail and autumn vegetables. This was yet another successful and exciting event, where our guests didn't originally know each other, but left connected by their mutual love for food.

Crostini with duck prosciutto, caviar and dried figs.

Oyster bisque with fresh Gulf oysters in a shellfish-based broth, with a hint of saffron and topped with grilled oyster mushrooms and a drizzle of basil oil.

Warm cauliflower steak, grilled and accompanied with arugula, assorted radishes and carrots, chives and pureed cauliflower sauce, topped with a honey lemon butter dressing.

Roasted organic quail, stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms and spinach, accompanied by white asparagus.

Grilled ribeye served with miso peppercorn sauce, and accompanied with roasted acorn squash with balsamic vinegar, spices and oil, sauteed broccolini with white wine and garlic, and salted, roasted fingerling potatoes with tons of butter and garlic.

Sauteed broccolini with white wine and garlic.

Roasted fingerling potatoes with plenty of butter and garlic.

Raspberry creme brûlée (courtesy of Mrs. Chanse).

Raspberry creme brûlée (courtesy of Mrs. Chanse).

Our next Chef's Table event will be held on Saturday, December 19th in the Riverview, Florida area. This will feature a new "tasting" concept - three courses for $18, which will give locals the opportunity to test out a mini-Chanse's Chef's Table event before committing to our 6-7 course ones! If you're interested in attending this event and would like to learn more about the featured menu, please reach out to me via email at, and I will get you set up!

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