Recap: EYE on Fashion 2015

This last week was an amazing one for Tampa's local fashion scene. EYE on Fashion 2K15 kicked off its three-night celebration on Thursday evening at 4D Studios in South Tampa, with The Men's Collection, a runway show featuring menswear from:

D'marsh Couture

Glenroy March of D'marsh Couture

David President of D President Attire

Eric Green of Eric Green Collection

Howard Green of TPF Menswear

Ari J of LOF8 by Ari J

And, there's no forgetting the styling done by Tristan Richards Styles, which kicked off Thursday night's runway show.

Tristan Richards of Tristan Richards Styles

The Men's Collection was an exquisitely eye-catching start to EYE on Fashion 2K15, and I had a wonderful time, finally being able to put names to faces and connecting with fellow Tampa bloggers.

Friday evening paved the way for the much-anticipated Fashion Stylists Competition, at The Vault in Downtown Tampa. Designers, stylists, bloggers and other media and fashion enthusiasts came together to watch four stylists compete to win the winner's plaque.

The event kicked off with the Kids Style Project Presentation—what a talented group of mini-stylists!

The lovely Shayla Reaves from FOX 13 hosted the Fashion Stylists Competition, with Desiree Noisette of Cerulean Blu, Glenroy March of D'march Couture, and Lee Theodade of HSN making up the panel of judges for the competition.

With looks presented via a runway show and live styling segment, the Fashion Stylists Competition highlighted four extremely talented stylists, emphasizing the important role they play in the fashion industry.

Fashion Stylist Steven Smith

Fashion Stylist Katie Brinson

Fashion Stylist Nikki Ellis

Fashion Stylist Stephon Kelly

A big congratulations goes out to Katie Brinson, who was named the winner of the Fashion Stylists Competition. All the contestants did amazing—I was in awe of all the looks that came down that runway!

Lacey B. Smith, founder of The Fashion Movement did an amazing job of planning and putting together these two nights of celebrating Tampa's local fashion culture. Both The Men's Collection and the Fashion Stylists Competition perfectly emphasized the importance of the fashion industry in our beautiful city, while supporting the non-profit organizations Redefining Refuge and T.O.R.C.H.

For more information about The Fashion Movement and its mission and annual events, please visit