Local Bites: Chef Marc Murphy + Chef Anne Burrell Dinner at Grey Salt

I had the honor of being invited to attend a special culinary demonstration and dinner hosted by Seminole Hard Rock Tampa last week, featuring two of my favorite celebrity chefs, Chef Marc Murphy and Chef Anne Burrell. To say that these two are a dynamic duo, is an understatement. For the culinary demonstration, we convened in the Plum VIP Lounge to watch them prepare a savory spaghetti carbonara and share their best preparation and cooking tips.

Chef Anne Burrell & Chef Marc Murphy

After a fun and, of course, hilarious demonstration, we all moved to Chef Marc Murphy's Grey Salt restaurant at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, where we were able to enjoy a four-course meal prepared by both Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Marc Murphy. The first two courses, a wilted romaine salad and a mushroom farrotto were prepared by Anne, who came out to the dining area after each course was served to introduce and explain each dish.

I'm not usually a fan of fruit paired with salad, but this salad was the perfect balance, as the zesty dressing paired wonderfully with the sweetness of the pear. I really enjoyed the mushroom farrotto - the dish was perfectly cooked, and I savored every last bite.

First Course, by Chef Anne Burrell: Wilted Romaine & Roasted Pear Salad

Second Course, by Chef Anne Burrell: Mushroom Farrotto & Herbs

Chef Anne Burrell

As we finished up our second course, Chef Marc Murphy began preparing our third and fourth courses, a savory porchetta with a slow-poached egg on top, and a decadently satisfying salted caramel pudding, served with a chocolate-covered, salted pretzel rod. The skin of the pork roast was perfect - not overly chewy, yet not overcooked, and the yolk of the slow-poached egg helped balance the flavor of the red pepper. As can be expected, my favorite course of the evening was the salted caramel pudding. I can't even begin to describe how delightful it was. The pudding was sweet, dense and indulgent, and when paired with the salty, chocolate-y flavor of the pretzel rod, was the most perfect salted caramel flavor that I'd ever tasted. 

Third Course, by Chef Marc Murphy: Porchetta with Red Pepper & Slow Poached Egg

Final Course, by Chef Marc Murphy: Salted Caramel Pudding

Chef Marc Murphy

We truly enjoyed our evening at Grey Salt - not only were we surrounded by great food, but also great company. Seminole Hard Rock Tampa never disappoints when it comes to the events that they host, and for me personally, the food-related events are the best. To keep updated on the latest restaurant events happening at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, visit its Dining Blog.

Chef Anne Burrell & Chef Marc Murphy