Local Bites: Florida Strawberries

Strawberry harvesting season is here and I am looking forward to the next four-ish months of having ripe, juicy strawberries easily accessible in my life! Earlier this month, Datz Restaurant Group invited me to join them on a tour of Strawberry Station, a strawberry farm located in Plant City, to meet the farmers and pick some juicy berries.

We were greeted by the Florida Strawberry Grower's association and rows and rows of strawberries ready for picking.

Andy, Strawberry Sue and Mark from the Florida Strawberry Growers Association.

I got a lesson in the proper way of picking strawberries - it's a swift twist in the wrist!

Gorgeous bright red strawberries - they were both juicy and sweet!

Look at how tiny I am in this huge tractor!

After we participated in a friendly competition of which team could fill up six clamshells with strawberries the quickest, we left Strawberry Station and headed over to the Florida Strawberry Growers Association (FSGA) headquarters, where we met the Executive Director of FSGA, Kenneth Parker and were treated to a beautiful strawberry picnic.

Kenneth Parker, Executive Director of FSGA.

It was such a wonderful day, learning all about Florida Strawberries and getting to fully appreciate the strawberry goodness that we are so lucky to have right in our backyard. You can join Florida Strawberries in celebrating strawberry season, by following along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Foodies, you are in for a treat - come January, Datz, Datz Dough and Roux Tampa will all roll out new dishes featuring fresh-from-Florida strawberries. My tummy cannot wait!