Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Treatments

Two of my biggest beauty struggles are chapped lips and acne-prone skin. It's hard to apply and wear lipstick when your lips are always so dry and chapped! And, well, no one wants acne. Period.

I'm a big fan of all-natural skin care products, so when Shea Terra Organics sent me its Rose Hips-E Lip Savior and Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash, I was really excited to find out if these were the solutions to my everyday skin care issues.

The Rose Hips-E Lip Savior is a wonderfully-smelling balm packed into a travel-friendly container. With just one application, my lips quickly absorbed the balm and within a few minutes, I could feel it soothe cracks and soften the dry layers on my lips. I've been applying this once in the morning after my makeup routine and once in the evening before bed - if I abide by this routine, my lips stay moisturized throughout the day. My only concern is the depth of the container - when my supply gets lower, I know I'll have to start scooping out the balm with my nail.

This Jenn Girl - Shea Terra - Rose Hips-E Lip Savior 1
This Jenn Girl - Shea Terra - Rose Hips-E Lip Savior 2

I've seen so many raving reviews online about Shea Terra's Rose Hips Black Soap. African Black Soap is revered for its many skin care benefits due the high number of antioxidants that it contains. Among the benefits of anti-aging, firmer skin and even complexion, is acne-fighting, a benefit hard to obtain from all-natural products. 

This Jenn Girl - Shea Terra - Rose Hips Black Soap 1
This Jenn Girl - Shea Terra - Rose Hips Black Soap 2

African Black Soap is made from the ashes of locally-harvested plants, and is, well, black. Looking scary during a portion of my skin care regimen is hardly a concern. The Rose Hips Black Soap leaves a tingling sensation on your skin upon application. On the back of the bottle, the instructions recommend leaving the soap on your skin for about five minutes - if you have sensitive skin, I personally recommend an initial test of two to three minutes, to avoid any irritation. After the five minutes is up, wash off the soap while using the palms of your hands to work away the dead skin cells.

After two weeks of use (three times a week, in the evenings), there has been a very noticeable difference in my complexion. I've noticed diminished acne marks and overall less acne, with a smoother complexion and even skin tone. I've reduced my use of the facial wash to two to three times a week, because it does dry out my skin. After use, I always apply a thin layer of moisturizer to my face.

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In regards to healing my chapped lips and fighting acne, I'm really happy with how these products perform. The only two mild concerns I have are with the depth of the lip balm container and how the facial wash leaves my skin feeling dry, but the benefits outweigh these concerns by a lot, and in the grand scheme of things, they can easily be overcome with the willingness to get a little balm under my nails and using moisturizer to keep my skin quenched.

These items will definitely remain in my arsenal to be replenished - you can shop Shea Terra Organic's entire line of all-natural products by skin solution here, and keep up with the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by Shea Terra Organics for feature/review. Opinions expressed here are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Shea Terra Organics.