Local Do: TPA Lady Project

This past weekend, I had the honor of taking part in a very special occasion - the launch of TPA Lady Project! About a year and a half ago, my beautiful, boss-lady-of-a-friend, Corrine, shared her passion project with me - her plan to launch The Lady Project here in Tampa. The Lady Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to impact the community by connecting, inspiring and showcasing women doing amazing things, a piece that was missing from the Tampa Bay area. After a year and a half of mapping out a plan, refining the details and busting her butt, Corrine successfully launched TPA Lady Project at its first event, hosting over 100 new TPA Lady Project members!

In partnership with local non-profit Purple Dot Yoga Project, an organization whose mission is to raise social responsibility around domestic violence and empower and support those affect through the practice of yoga, TPA Lady Project presented Badass Women, an evening of inspiring talks featuring local women leaving their mark in the Tampa Bay area.

Station House St. Pete graciously donated their space for this event, which set the perfect mood for an evening filled with inspiration, motivation and the feeling of community.

I had the honor of being part of the evening's panelists, alongside five amazing, driven women:

  • Maureen McDole, founder of Keep St. Pete Lit, an organization that celebrates and promotes the literary community in the Tampa Bay area through arts, education and events.
  • Jenny Miller and Katelyn Grady, owners of The Body Electric Yoga Company, whose mission is to help enrich lives through accessible and challenging yoga.
  • Corrine Turpin, a design and digital strategist, and city manager of TPA Lady Project.
  • Kate Berlin, executive director of Purple Dot Yoga Project.

Corrine Turpin (TPA Lady Project) | Kate Berlin (Purple Dot Yoga Project)

Maureen McDole (Keep St. Pete Lit) | Jenny Miller & Katelyn Grady (The Electric Body Yoga Co.) | Me! | Corrine Turpin (TPA Lady Project) | Kate Berlin (Purple Dot Yoga Project)

Sierra Barter, CEO & Co-Founder of The Lady Project | Kate Huot, Special Projects Manager at The Lady Project

What an amazing evening. We shared laughter and tears, successes and struggles with each other, and found friendship through the act of helping each other rise. I'd never felt so uplifted. The night was a wonderful blur, but I remember the things that made an impression on me most - I remember Maureen talking about her daughter's free spirit and constant determination and how it inspired her daily. I remember Jenny and Katelyn sharing their struggles of getting their yoga studio off the ground and the way they looked at each other when they shared how the other inspires her. I remember Corrine tearing up at the thought of her mom being her biggest source of inspiration, and saying how she wished her mom could be there in St. Pete to be a part of the launch. I remember Kate sharing how she pushes forward every day trying not to be her own worst enemy and the person that holds herself back. All of that, struck a chord with me - reminders to love myself more, and to love those around me more.

To everyone who came out to support us: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you took away inspiration from the evening and created new connections and friendships. For those of you who were unable to make it, but would like to become a member and join us at our next event, you can apply here. For my non-Tampa friends who are interested in joining a local chapter or creating one, find more info here