Hi-Chew Taste Test Challenge

I've always loved fruity candy, especially ones with a chewy texture. I remember going to the Oriental market with my mom when I was younger and begging her to buy me my favorite green apple Hi-Chew candy. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Hi-Chew is a Japanese candy brand known for its real-fruit flavors and chewy texture, and has most recently made its way to being a cult favorite in the U.S. It used to only be sold at Asian markets, but now I've been seeing the brand a lot more at local candy stores, and even at Forever 21 at checkout.

Hi-Chew put my palate and knowledge of their candy to the test, with a taste test challenge - after sending me their candy in Strawberry, Mango, Green Apple, Grape, Cherry and Mango flavors, they challenged me to guess each flavor in a blind taste test. pH happily assisted, but mostly to make fun of me:

I made an oopsie on one of those - melon wasn't even one of the six flavors to choose from! But the point is, it's not hard to distinguish the flavors, given that real-fruit flavor. If you haven't given Hi-Chew a try yet, and you love fruity, chewy candy - check out the locator to see where your nearest Hi-Chew candy pickup location is!