A More Radiant Beam with Smile Brilliant {+ Giveaway!}

For the most part, I've been able to maintain relatively white teeth, but at the same time, my smile has always been on the more dull side. And with the twice daily coffee indulgences and the occasional glass of my favorite red wine, I'm open to the idea of extra help. You know what I'm not open to, though? The painful, irritating side effects that teeth whitening sensitivity typically brings. 

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me to ask me to test out its at-home whitening kit, I was a little skeptical about its claims and wasn't sure about the ingredients, so I sent the information supplied on the Smile Brilliant website to my brother-in-law (a dentist) to check it out and give me his thoughts. After reading through it, he told me that the Smile Brilliant whitening gel contains the same active ingredient used by dentists for teeth whitening and that it was safe for me to use. I still had some concerns about my level of sensitivity, but after realizing that the brand offers a special option for those with teeth sensitivity, and reading user reviews, I decided to give it a chance.

Another element that played a role in deciding to move forward with the review was the custom-fitted whitening trays. The idea of having a non-messy whitening process sans slippery strips and with trays that fit comfortably to the shape of your unique teeth was a big selling point for me. 

I was sent the T3 Sensitive System, which includes nine whitening applications, nine desensitizing applications and the products needed to create the impressions for my custom-fitted trays. I blended the catalyst and base pastes included in the kit to mold around my top and bottom teeth to create my impressions and sent these in a pre-paid envelope to Smile Brilliant, who then created my custom-fitted trays and sent them back to me.

The trays fit my teeth perfectly, and the application of the whitening gel wasn't anywhere close to being as messy as your typical, drugstore-bought whitening strips. After applying the whitening gel for one hour, I then applied the desensitizing gel for about 15-20 minutes. The results? Absolutely zero pain. It's amazing. 

After just two one-hour applications, I could already see a difference - what was once opaque and dull, is now bright and luminous:

Remember, I admitted I've always had fairly white teeth, so think about what Smile Brilliant's whitening system can do for you if you have teeth that you're not super proud of. I definitely recommend Smile Brilliant and am happy that it proved my doubts wrong in the end - I'm thrilled with how well it whitened, and compared to the $700+ charge you could expect at the dentist's office, I'll gladly invest a little over $100 for a reliable and effective at-home whitening kit that brings the same results.

You can enter to win $75 (that's more than half!) off of the T3 Sensitive Whitening System from Smile Brilliant - all you have to do is follow this link and provide your name and email address. It's that easy!

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by Smile Brilliant for review. Opinions expressed here are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Smile Brilliant.