Lovely in Lavender

It's been an insanely crazy past couple of weeks, but I'm finally getting around to showing off the beautiful custom-designed dress I wore to my sister's wedding in October, by Aleksandra Salo. I first met Aleksandra at a fashion show here in Tampa over a year ago and discovered her passion for creating classic and timeless dresses, which really spoke to my personal style. 

As I was planning what I was going to wear as my sister's maid-of-honor, I immediately thought of Aleksandra's beautiful designs and her attention to detail - when I'd asked her if she'd be willing to help me design my perfect maid-of-honor dress, she immediately said 'yes,' and I couldn't have been more thrilled!

There were a couple of things I told her had to be taken into consideration:

  • The dress had to include chiffon, since my other sisters' dresses were made of the material
  • The dress had to be floor-length
  • The color of the fabric had to match a specific palette my sister had set for her wedding
  • The dress had to cover my shoulders somewhat (I'm self-conscious when it comes to my clavicles)

Even with Aleksandra being all the way in Salt Lake City, Utah, she still managed to make the process so seamless. By some stroke of magic, she was able to find a fabric color that perfectly matched what I was looking for. Through FaceTime calls and text messages, she was able to sketch the style dress I wanted and put together a gorgeous frock, perfect for the barn wedding I was a part of!

When the dress was finally shipped, there were a little more alterations that needed to be done, and through a mutual friend of mine and Aleksandra's, who also lives in Tampa, we were connected with the lovely ladies of Moda Design & Academy, who were able to make sure the dress was fitted perfection and ready to go before the big day.

I am so in love with the lace detail on the hips of the dress, as well as the gorgeous matte buttons that Aleksandra embellished the back of the dress with. The best part is, I can get the dress hemmed and it will be a completely functional frock for occasions that call for a sophisticated, put-together look!