Holistic Living with Essential Oils

Lately, I've been actively implementing essential oils into my daily lifestyle, and I've been loving the results. When Jessica from Frank + Pine sent some Young Living blends that she'd put together for me a few months ago, I wasn't sure what to expect. Although so many friends and colleagues rave about the immediate benefits they've experienced using essential oils, I wasn't so sure that I would see that same impact.

Jessica asked me if I had any particular areas of need I'd be interested using essential oils for - I told her that sometimes it's difficult to get a full night's rest and that I could use a little stress easing every once in awhile. She sent me two oil rollers - one for me to use before bed, and the other to use when I could use some calming effects.

After two full months of using these oils, I've realized how much of an impact they truly make on me from day to day. In the evenings, I roll the 'Dream' blend on the soles of my feet, on my wrists and behind my ears before going to bed, and I swear, it helps me sleep like a baby through the night. I absolutely adore its fragrance!

I keep my 'Stress' blend at work, for the days when things get a little crazy - my work bestie, Ashley, definitely finds a use for it as well. Since she's an avid Young Living essential oils user as well, she also keeps a 'Focus' blend in our office for us to share when we need a little concentration added to our work days.

I have been loving essential oils being a part of my daily routine - they provide an uplifting essence that gets me through my days and eases my mind to know that I'm using all-natural products to enhance my lifestyle, versus something that is full of chemicals.

If you're interested in experiencing them for yourself, reach out to Jessica at Frank + Pine! She provides great essential oil tips and recipes on her blog, and is so helpful in crafting a blend that fits your lifestyle and needs.