And It Was All Yellow

Top: c/o Shein | Jeans: Abercrombie | Bag: Coach |  Heels: Jambu Footwear (sold out) | Bracelets: Monica VInader

Confession: I've been finding myself in a bit of a funk within the past couple of weeks, allowing myself to be submerged into negative thoughts and feelings of hyper-criticism toward others. No one likes to see themselves in the wrong, but I know that life is all about being open to changing yourself for the better - I've been working on channeling mindfulness to focus on the important things, things that will allow me to be the best possible version of myself.

One resonating realization that I've come to as of late, is that being right isn't always important. For instance, when it comes to a loved one, always trying to prove yourself right in a petty situation while acting matter-of-fact and condescending, isn't worth hurting the feelings or losing the respect of someone you care about. When it comes to driving, being aggressive and unwilling to allow another driver to merge into your lane, even if you may have the right of way, isn't worth risking either your own or someone else's life. In so many instances of life, being right doesn't mean everything, or anything, really. So, lately, I've been working on positivity and being my own ray of sunshine, as well as others'. Are there any personal goals and/or improvements that you've been working on?

Speaking of sunshine - guys, I am in love with this mustard peplum top from Shein. Although I am not anywhere close to being a regular wearer of the color yellow, this top fits perfectly in all the right places, and is the perfect pop of color to add sunshine to an otherwise rainy day. And you won't believe its price tag - this pretty little number is only $11, and features a gorgeous textured fabric.