The Best Belt to Have in Your Wardrobe

Top: Zara (similar) | Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch | Sandals: c/o Third Oak | Bag: c/o Coach | Belt: Mission Belt (15% off using code THISJENNGIRL15)

I am by no means a typical belt-wearer. Most of them, especially the ones made with a thick material, just look silly around my tiny waist. But, I'm a changed woman now that Mission Belt has launched styles for women! I was introduced to the brand a couple of years ago, when I reviewed its men's styles - the design of the belt is pretty darn ingenious. It relies on a ratchet system to keep the belt in place, kind of like an adjustable zip tie, which is incredibly useful for when you've binged on a big meal and have to loosen the belt down a notch. The metals and leathers used are sleek and sophisticated, sizing the belt to your waist is simple, and you can even mix and match the straps/buckles depending on your mood.

pH has always loved his Mission Belt, but after three years of daily use, it was time to buy a new belt. When I headed to the website to buy him a replacement pair, I realized that they had launched styles for women, and boy, was I sold. I decided to venture out of my usual monochromatic fashion box and added a rose gold/rose pink style to my shopping cart. This belt goes with everything, and I'm pretty confident in saying that I won't be wearing any other belts anytime soon.

Plus, it doesn't hurt to know that when you purchase a Mission Belt, you're supporting a socially responsible brand and contributing to its mission to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through microlendingReceive 15% off your purchase using the code THISJENNGIRL15 at checkout!