Birthday Memories in Savannah

I've never really been able to take a trip on my own terms before; normally, it's to go visit family in a different city or state and ends up revolving around a pretty lengthy schedule of activities. I love an itinerary full of fun-filled plans just like the next person, but sometimes, you just need a trip to relax and take it easy. 

For my birthday, pH and I took a road trip to Savannah, Georgia-- it couldn't have been more perfect, even in its imperfections. On the drive to Savannah, a missed exit turned into an extra three-hour drive across the state, one whose route led us to a roadside antiques warehouse owned by a friendly man by the name of John. The resulting thirty-minute antiquing adventure led to us finding a vintage(ish) Polaroid camera, which we ended up finding film for a few hours later at an Urban Outfitters in Downtown Savannah. Very random, but very perfect.


The next two days were spent exactly how I'd imagined they'd be-- on my own terms. Sightseeing sans tours, running up and down River Street like a little kid tourist, dancing like a goof in deserted cobblestone alleyways, trying to keep ice cream on the cone and off of the ground, and just taking in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of historic Savannah.


I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to ring in a new year. Of course, I wish we could have stayed longer, but in just the 2.5 days that we were there, Savannah was absolutely perfect, and I cannot wait for the next adventure :)