My Weekly Manicure Routine

I get asked often how I maintain my nails and keep them healthy. I'm all about keeping my nails in tip-top shape—it's not a difficult or tedious task by any means, so I'm happy to share my nail care routine with you!

If your nails are thin and brittle and in need of some strength, I recommend applying a single coat of Nail Envy by OPI before each manicure. Nail Envy helps my nails grow a little faster when they're in recovery mode, and keeps them hard and strong.

Next up—a coat of Bonder by Orly; this treatment has a unique rubberized formula that allows your main coat(s) of polish last longer. I swear by Bonder—it allows my nail polish to last for over a week without chipping.

My favorite colors so far this season have been candy apple reds; they pair great with a hot pink on the toes and offer that elegant red shade with a touch of bright tones. I normally apply two coats of my main polish—three at most, if the polish is opaque.

Finally, I finish off my manicure with two coats of Poshe top coat; this has easily become my new favorite top coat (I used to use Seche Vite until I got tired of my nail polish shrinking because of its formula). Poshe dries in about five minutes or less, and leave my nails super shiny.

For me, an at-home manicure lasts about seven days with these products. The path to great-looking, healthy nails is simple! Plus, it gives you the opportunity for some down time to freshen up your nails while catching up on your favorite TV shows. What polish colors have you been craving this season?