Mother's Day Flowers Hack Featuring LaCroix

As Mother's Day is just around the corner, I have the perfect Mother's Day hack using Lime LaCroix. It's not only my yummy substitute for water when I need a little bubbly in my life, but also a great way to keep flower bouquets lasting for longer than just water alone.

You'll need:

A bouquet of flowers


A vase


A can of Lime LaCroix

One teaspoon of sugar

Prepare the flowers by trimming the stems diagonally, enough to comfortably fit the height of the vase without the bouquet tipping over. Fill your vase with equal parts water and Lime LaCroix, and mix in the teaspoon of sugar.

Simply place your fresh bouquet into the vase and you're all set! For upkeep, trim the stems upward of about an inch every three days, making sure to replace the contents of the vase with a fresh mixture of water, Lime LaCroix and sugar.

Keep Mom's bouquet long-lasting with this neat hack from LaCroix! Product and tips were provided by LaCroix for feature, but that doesn't take away from the fact that LaCroix is my go-to water and soda substitute!