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In Review: Colorado

I didn't want to wait another minute to share highlights from our flight to Denver and road trip through Colorado for pH's best friend's wedding festivities in Grand Junction and Palisade. Watch our little "postcard" recap below, then scroll through for recaps and snippets of our adventure!

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Loving Lately: September 2017

Holy moly, where did September go?! I blame Hurricane Irma for making this month feel like a complete whirlwind - a stressful whirlwind, at that. Fall is here, and this Florida weather is not in sync with the season (you'll hear me complain about this through November, sorry).

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Local Bites: Mini Doughnut Factory

Doughnuts. I love them. Yet, until about a couple of years ago, I couldn't tell you what my favorite local doughnut shop was.

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