Lavender Lemonade for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is nearly here! I created a yummy cocktail that will complement your Labor Day Weekend - a day out at the beach, a cookout with the family, or even a lazy day in. I used Cocktail Crate's Lavender Bloom mixer for this super simple lavender lemonade recipe, and boy, is it deliciously sweet and fragrant.

This recipe serves two people. You'll need:

Two glasses

6 oz lemonade

2 oz Cocktail Crate Lavender Bloom mixer

2 oz vodka

Ice cubes

In a separate glass filled with ice cubes, add 2 oz vodka and 2 oz of Cocktail Crate Lavender Bloom mixer. Add about 6 oz of lemonade and stir. Strain into two glasses and divide ice cubes. Garnish as desired and enjoy!

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by Cocktail Crate for feature/review. Opinions expressed here are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Cocktail Crate.