Bittersweet Bracelet

If you haven't noticed from my past posts and photos, I always wear two hair ties on my left arm. They put a lot of pressure on my wrists and sometimes leave less-than-appealing marks on my skin. Insert the solution that is Bittersweet Bracelet - this stylish cuff is a chic and functional piece of jewelry that also doubles as a hair tie holder. I was recently sent a product sample, and I couldn't be more in love.

This Jenn Girl - Bittersweet Bracelet 5
This Jenn Girl - Bittersweet Bracelet 1

The cuff is super simple to secure a hair tie around and the result is both a functional and stylish jewelry piece that can be paired with any outfit, whether casual or dressy. When you're in need of a quick updo, simply take the hair tie and secure - the cuff alone is still super chic!

This Jenn Girl - Bittersweet Bracelet 2
This Jenn Girl - Bittersweet Bracelet 3
This Jenn Girl - Bittersweet Bracelet 4
This Jenn GIrl - Bittersweet Bracelet 6

You can check out the full Bittersweet Bracelet collection here. The prices range from $45-$85 depending on metal type and color, and you can opt for a personal engraving as well. I can definitely see why this bracelet is lauded by TODAY Show's Bobbie Thomas, InStyle and Allure - my Type A personality absolutely loves this practical and stylish accessory!

*Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by Bittersweet Bracelet by Maria Shireen for feature/review. Opinions expressed here are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Bittersweet Bracelet.