Local Do: Pet Photo Shoot with AGoldPhoto

pH and I are 100% unashamedly pup parents - as in, we treat our little furry one like one would treat his/her human child. And why wouldn't we? These unconditionally loving and patient creatures deserve all the love and attention in the world! 

At the grand opening of the Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park in the Channel District a couple of months ago, I got the opportunity to finally meet and chat with Adam Goldberg, owner of AGoldPhoto Pet Photography, a local pet photographer who tells the story of rescued/adopted animals and promotes animal adoption via his photos. I'd seen a lot of his work on social media prior to us meeting in person, and I really admired his unique style and branding with his photography. He also got to meet our rescue, Sadie, and happened to capture a really great photo of her shortly after the event, which surprised me, because Sadie does not like the camera. 

He invited us to join him during a photo shoot in the upcoming months, and I couldn't resist the idea of having gorgeous photos of Sadie to show off and ooh and ahh over. What I really appreciate about Adam's work, is how he gives back to the animal community. At his events, which are typically hosted at a pet-friendly business or animal shelter, 100% of the sitting fees go back to the animal community, via donation to the local Humane Society or animal charity. And while he is based in Tampa, he often travels around the country offering photo shoots and giving back to local Humane Society chapters and animal shelters. You can view a list of upcoming charity events here. You also have the ability to book an in-home photo shoot, in case your little pupper is easily overwhelmed in new settings  

Here are some behind-the-scenes images that I was able to capture during our photo shoot session at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay:

And - drumroll, please  - the stunning images that Adam captured of Sadie. Each photo perfectly portrays her personality, from sweet and unassuming to "I do what I want."

I am so in love with these images of Sadie, and we cannot wait to get mini square canvas prints to decorate our walls with! 

While he typically only shoots photos of pets, Adam is offering a special in-home photo shoot for both your pet and you, October-only. You can view more details and book here

The man behind the AGoldPhoto lens, Adam Goldberg.

*Disclosure: The service featured in this post was provided by AGoldPhoto Pet Photography for editorial consideration. This post was written on my own accord, and opinions expressed here are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Adam Goldberg or AGoldPhoto Pet Photography.